Tozeret Haaretz - ToHa, 114 Yigal Alon st. , Tel Aviv

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Main features:

  • Business type:Offices
  • Area:Central District
  • Size:55,000 sqm
  • Address:114 Yigal Alon st. , Tel Aviv

"Taseret Ha'aretz" project is a joint project of Amot Investments Ltd. and Gav-Yam Land Company Ltd.

The project is currently built on a 17 dunam plot of land, on the corner of Derech HaShalom, Yigal Allon and Tozeret Haaretz streets, adjacent to HaShalom Train Station and HaShalom Junction on the Ayalon Highway.

Stage A of the project is a spectacular building, with a total area of 54,000 square meters.

The average floor area in the 26-storeys building is 3,000 sqm; the roof floor will offer restaurants, a promenade and a garden.
The design of the 7-story building lobby will be exceptional.
The building's unique shape resembles an iceberg, inspired by the designer and architect, Ron Arad.
Phase A of the project will offer 950 parking spaces and easy access to all means of transportation.
The large area (17 dunams) surrounding the building is designed as a green park. Building tenants will also enjoy well-groomed gardens, trees and leisure corners.
Phase B of the project is designed as a particularly high building, offering 130,000 sqm of office space.
Project architects: architect Ron Arad, architect Avner Yashar

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