Sustainability and the Environment

Amot's corporate responsibility strives to implement the sustainability concept in the operation of our Company's properties and through the construction of new properties. In the environmental context of the sustainability concept, Amot emphasizes the educated use of depleted natural resources and energy saving in property systems, which leads to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. These goals are also achieved by striving to minimize and recycle waste, along with saving electricity, water and paper consumption in our Company's offices.

Amot’s real-estate development projects are planned as green buildings; green construction is smart construction, aiming to provide property residents a healthier quality of life and work environment, while minimizing environmental damage throughout the construction process.

Green construction deals with the integration of environmental aspects in the planning and execution of construction projects, which will be carried out to the extent possible using environmentally friendly materials.

Green construction is multidisciplinary and requires tight supervision and management of project planners and consultants by an expert consultant, overlooking climate analysis, energy saving, natural lighting, reduction of radiation, environmental conservation, air quality and acoustic insulation, while also encouraging the use of bicycles, environmentally friendly building materials and more.

As part of the design adaptation to the requirements of the Israeli Standard No. 5281, the following subjects are reviewed:

  • The optimal utilization of natural resources, such as soil and sunlight
  • Storage and use of rainwater, or alternatively, divert it into protected open spaces
  • Waste management - plan garbage rooms that enable the sorting of waste for recycling
  • Transportation - use of electric vehicles and/or bicycles near the property, allocate bicycle parking and wardrobes for riders
  • Gardening in planters detached from the ground to prevent the loss of irrigation water
  • The construction of energy and maintenance centers (air conditioning, electricity, charging stations for electric vehicles, waste recycling, property control systems, separation and collection of greywater, and more
  • Use recyclable or recycled materials

Green building

Global Warming and Green Building: In the past decade, global public awareness has grown to the realization that humanity is facing one of the greatest challenges we face ever before in human history.

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