Modi'in Logistics Complex

33 HaMa'ayan St , Modiin

24,000 m²


Has parking

Amot's Logistics Complex is located in Modi'in's Technological Park; the Complex includes a 24,000 sqm building that is leased to the Shufersal retail chain and serving as a logistics center.


The property is strategically located and considered one of Modi'in`s major development areas. The Park is located in the western part of Modi'in, between routes 443 and 431. The logistics complex includes many offices, industrial and commercial buildings, including hi-tech and bio-technological factories, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories. The Park offers easy access to main traffic arteries and the center of Israel.


Ownership - Amot Investments Ltd

What's in here

What's in here

Cleaning services
Electrical maintenance
Fire detection
Constructions and customizations

What's around

What's around


Shilat Junction

proximity to the city of Modi'in

Restaurants and dining services

Geppetto Bar, More Than Bar,

Buffet and Eat, Meet & Meat,

The Place

Malls and commercial centers

Ligad Center

Yishpro Center

Industrial complexes and offices

Industrial plants

Parks and recreation

Nahal Gamzu

Educational institutions

HAVA & ADAM Ecological-Educational Farm

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