Logistics Center Beit Shemesh - Initiation Project - Approximate occupancy: Q2 2024

HaYetsira St, Brosh Industrial Zone , Bet Shemesh

45,000 m²

In June 2021, the Company purchased 60% (27,000 sqm) of a 40-dunam plot in Beit Shemesh from Y.D.E Menivim Ltd. to establish a logistics center for NIS 53 million. The Company is leading an urban building scheme for increasing the built-up areas to 50,000 sqm. The parties agreed to jointly establish an advanced logistics center in two floors, each floor is 15-meter high, for NIS 300 million, while the Company's share is NIS 180 million.

 - Initiation Project - Approximate occupancy: Q2 2024

Ownership - Amot Investments Ltd. and Y.D.E Menivim Ltd

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