09 May, 2022


Ramat Gan, May 9, 2022
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The Securities Authority                      The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange                           
Re: Immediate Report
The company respectfully reports that yesterday, May 8, 2022, the Company submitted a bid in the tender of the Tel Aviv Municipality (hereinafter: the “Municipality”) for the (as-is) purchase of the full lease rights (49 years with an option to extend by an additional 49 years) in a complex sized approximately 0.79 acres at 15 Derech HaShalom St., Tel Aviv (hereinafter: the “Tender” and the “Complex”).
After the date for submission of the bids in the Tender elapsed, a public procedure of opening the envelopes took place, in which it was revealed that the company’s bid, in the amount of approximately NIS 261 million, plus VAT, is the highest bid[1]. As of the date of this report, the company has yet to receive notice from the Municipality of its winning of the Tender.
The Complex, designated for employment, residence and commerce, is located on Derech HaShalom St. in Tel Aviv, near the TOHA project.
Two buildings have been constructed on the Complex: One, sized approximately 3,100 sqm, is intended for strict preservation, and the other, originally sized approximately 2,300 sqm, is intended for partial preservation (to be partly demolished and partly preserved).
The Complex has an approved urban construction plan for the construction of 15,845 sqm gross aboveground, of which 4,754 sqm gross aboveground are designated for employment, 1,584 sqm gross aboveground are designated for commerce and 9,507 sqm gross aboveground are designated residential and are to comprise 94 housing units, as well as belowground service areas in an identical total area.
The municipality has the right to mobilize additional construction rights to the Complex, at a scope of approximately 560 sqm gross and designated residential.
Amot Investments Ltd.
Signed by: Shimon Abudraham, CEO
and Judith Zynger, Deputy CEO and CFO
[1] According to the Tender documents, the highest bid will be declared the winner, subject to its compliance with the prerequisites and to being declared as such by the Tender Committee and the municipality’s council.