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Amot Mevasseret Zion, HaChermon Street 2, Mevaseret_tzion

  • Business type:Office
  • AreaJerusalem District
  • Size:3,437 m²
Amot Mevasseret Zion

אמות מבשרת ציון- בית רפואה בריאותה
The building was built in 2014 in the center of Mevaseret Zion, on an area of 3,437 square meters spreading over 2.5 floors and two floors of underground parking garage with 77 parking spaces. Main tenants include Meuhedet and the Clalit Health Services, occupying 70% of building`s rental space.

The building is modern, accessible and well maintained, enabling easy access to visitors. Also, the building offers outdoor parking, transportation accessibility and high-quality work environment.

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Amot Modi'in, HaMa`ayan Street 55, Modiin

  • Business type:Industry/ Logistics
  • AreaJerusalem District
  • Size:26,000 m²
Amot Modi'in

An industrial and logistics building with an area of 26,000 m2, built on 2 stories. The building is new, modern and highly maintained, and located in the Modi'in Industrial Zone, adjacent to Hadera Paper Complex, Office Depot, etc. The property is strategically located, and considered one of Modi'in`s major development areas. The Park is located in the western part of Modi'in, between routes 443 and 431. The Park includes many offices, industrial and commercial buildings, including hi-tech and bio-technological factories, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories. The Park offers easy access to main traffic arteries and the center of Israel.
The complex is leased to Novolog, a Company engaging in drug distribution, and to the Fox Group.

Ownership - Amot Investments Ltd.

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Amot Modi'in Logistics Center, Mountainside, Modi'in Industrial Zone, Modi'in 38, Modiin

  • Business type:In planning
  • AreaJerusalem District
  • Size:30,000 m²
Amot Modi'in Logistics Center

As part of a tender published by the Israel Land Authority, Amot Investments won a 34-dunam plot of land in Modi'in`s Northern Industrial Zone. Amot initiates the planning and construction of a logistics center. The planned project area is 30,000 square meters, over a 34-dunam plot of land.

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Beit Amot Har Hotzavim, Kiryat HaMada 11, jerusalem

  • Business type:Office
  • AreaJerusalem District
  • Size:9,960 m² (5 stories)
Beit Amot Har Hotzavim

Amot Har Hotzvim is located in Har Hotzvim High-Tech Industrial Park, at 11 Kiryat HaMada Street in Jerusalem. The four-story building has two ring-shaped wings built around a 10,000 meter roofed patio with skylight ceiling. The building, as its surrounding area, is occupied mainly by high-tech companies; the area is recognized as Development Zone A.

Ownership - Amot Investments Ltd.

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Beit Yahav, Yirmiyahu Street 80, jerusalem

  • Business type:Office
  • AreaJerusalem District
  • Size:4,000 m² (4 stories)
Beit Yahav

Beit Yahav is located at 80 Yirmiyahu Street, at the western entrance to Jerusalem, next to the Central Bus Station and Binyanei HaUma.
The 4-story building is built above an entrance floor and covers an area of 8,000 square meters. The building includes new offices with a high level of finish.

Ownership - Amot Investments Ltd., Nitsba Holdings 1995 Ltd. and Bank Yahav.

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Jerusalem Central Bus Station, Central Bus Station , jerusalem

  • Business type:Shopping/ Commercial
  • AreaJerusalem District
  • Size:63,000 m² (6 stories)
Jerusalem Central Bus Station

The station is located between Jaffa and Hatzvi streets, adjacent to Romema neighborhood at the entrance to Jerusalem.

The Station spreads over a total area of 63,000 square meters and includes an operational area, bus parking and passenger platforms (22,000 square meters), a commercial center (7,000 square meters), five stories of office space and an underground parking garage (20,000 square meters), passages and service areas (4,200 square meters).

The Central Bus Station has been operating since 2001. Its commercial areas include a variety stores: leading fashion, restaurant, communication and office supply chains.

Ownership - Amot Investments Ltd. and Nitsba Holdings 1995 Ltd.

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