Amot Al HaPark, 30 HaBarzel st. , Tel Aviv

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Main features:

  • Business type:Offices
  • Area:Central District
  • Size:13,400 sqm
  • Address:30 HaBarzel st. , Tel Aviv
A luxury boutique office building, located in the center of Ramat Ha’Chayal high-tech and pharmaceutical district, on a 4-dunam plot of land. The back of the building is adjacent to Park Ha’Yarkon. The structure composes of 2 lobes, allowing natural lightning for each office space and wide, pillar-free windows. Underground service and supply areas enable a protective, well-groomed ground floor.
The building has a direct entrance for pedestrians and cycilist, including bicycle parking racks and showers. Rich specification includes an atrium with two-sided cable-net fronts, enabling complete transparency to park, hanging bridges connecting the two lobbies in each floor, transparent elevators, mirrored pools in the ground floor, bulk power supply and more.
The building includes:
1,469 sqm – a ground floor for commerce.
11,954 sqm - 7 floors of offices.
13,423 sqm - total upper areas
312 parking spaces, in 3 underground basements.
Ownership: Amot Investments Ltd.