Modi'in Logistics Complex, HaMa'ayan 33, Modi'in

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Main features:

  • Business type:Industrial\Logistics
  • Area:Central District
  • Size:24,000 sqm
  • Address: HaMa'ayan 33, Modi'in

The Amot Logistics Complex is located in Modi'in's Technology Park and includes a 24,000-sqm building which is leased to Shufersal and operates as a logistics center.

The property is strategically located and is considered one of Modi'in's most important development areas. The Park is located in the western part of Modi'in between highways 443 and 431. The logistics complex houses many offices, industrial buildings for rent and commercial areas that include high-tech plants, biotechnology plants and advanced labs. The Complex offers high accessibility from the park to major traffic arteries and Israel's Central District.