Amot Real Estate Enterprise & Development LTD

Amot Enterprise & Development (a fully owned subsidiary) is the entrepreneurial, development and construction branch of Amot Investments. The Company is tasked with enhancing Amot Investments’ rental properties investment portfolio by initiating projects in existing operating segments, such as employment, commerce, industry and logistics, as well as by developing new segments within the rental real estate market, while applying the Amot Investments’ growth strategy.

The Company dedicates much effort in tailoring its projects to the client’s needs, while emphasising the implementation of the most up-to-date technological advancements, to create a pleasant, healthy and productive work environment in the inner work-spaces. The buildings developed by the Company are carefully planned, and great consideration is given to achieving a high architectural quality that meets the entrepreneurial world’s ground-breaking standards, and serve as a calling card for the businesses housed in them.

The Company has considerable experience gained from dozens of properties rented to hundreds of Amot Investments` clients. The accumulated experience is translated into an efficient planning of the projects’ outer appearance which gives the client the freedom of designing a productive work space, low net to gross ratios, savings on energy, reliable electro-mechanic systems, low maintenance costs and many other construction improvements that make every new Amot project a high quality, leading and innovative one.

The projects planned by Amot Enterprise & Development are executed by top-tier contractors, using advanced methods and technologies, while emphasising green construction under international standards.

Company Management:

The Company’s Chairman is Avi Mosler, CEO of Amot Investments.

The Company's CEO, Shimon Abudraham, has previously served as Chief Engineering Officer of Amot Investments.


These days:


*The Company is preparing to launch a logistics project, after winning a bid for land in Modi’in Business Park. The project is planned to achieve a high level of automation, as expected from the world’s leading logistics centres, and in consistency with the global increase in shipment of goods.

*The Company is planning the construction of an office project in Holon, following the execution of a combination venture agreement with the Municipality of Holon. The project is planned in consideration of the needs of big technological firms and includes large work spaces, server rooms and more.

*The Company is tasked with planning and executing interior projects for companies renting spaces in the Amot Atrium Tower, Israel’s most advanced and innovative office tower, the first and only to meet the American green standard in its highest level, Platinum Lead.

*The Company, in collaboration with Gav-Yam corporation, is building the Totzeret Haaretz Project; a stunning project erected on an area of 17 acres on the Derech Hashalom/Yigal Alon/Totzeret Haaretz junction, designed by the ground-breaking architect Ron Arad.

*The Company is currently reviewing offers to purchase land for development, frequently participates in public bids for land and leads Amot Investments’ property improvement operations.

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